Sophos AntiVirus
University of Central Arkansas uses the Sophos Anti-virus product. The software provides both anti-virus protection and spyware protection. The software can be downloaded using the links listed below.

The Sophos product is for use on university owned computers. Before you begin your install of Sophos Anti-virus, you must ensure that all other virus scanner programs running on your computer are removed.

Windows XP
On Windows XP computers, most antivirus programs can be easily uninstalled using ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS in Control Panel:
  1. Click the START button.
  2. Select SETTINGS
  3. Control Panel - (or simply CONTROL PANEL - it depends on your Windows version)
  4. ADD/REMOVE Programs
Windows 7
On Windows 7 computers, most anti-virus programs can be uninstalled using: Control Panel, Programs and Features.
Right click on the program and select uninstall.
  1. Click on START button.
  2. Control Panel - (or simply CONTROL PANEL - it depends on your Windows version)
  4. From the list of installed applications select your antivirus application and click on CHANGE/REMOVE button.
Both McAfee and Norton have provided their users with a removal utility for their respective programs.
Links to those utilities are provided below.
Removing McAfee products using the McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool
Removing Norton products using the Norton Removal Tool

Third party spyware protection programs (i.e. Spybot and Ad-Aware) do not require removal. They can coexist with Sophos Anti-virus


Double-click on the self-extracting executable. The installation process is automatic. The installation files will extract to C:\SophosWin
Extract the file then double-click on Sophos Anti-Virus.mpkg
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You may not share your license with others.
Downloads will be logged and monitored for suspected abuse.
License is restricted to use during the term of attendance at UCA.